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Think about it, Tell me what you think.

Why when someones says they love you do you deny it? 
is it cause we're scared
is it cause we're afraid of what will happen if we fall in love with them
is it cause you love them too
Why when two people hug they get butterflies?
again is it cause we're scared
is it cause they're having a good time
is it cause they dont want to be apart any more
Why when two people are on the phone (even if they're not talking) do they not hang up?
is it cause they like hearing the others breath (lol)
is it cause neither of them want to be the first to hang up
is it cause you feel like you're with them on the phone
Why do friends always say "you guys look great together"?
is it cause they're jelous
is it cause they're just happy for you
is it cause wish you well
Why do perants always think its a crush?
are they scared you are growing up too quick
are they afraid that you will get hurt
are they afraid that your gunna do sumthing bad
What if you told your mom and dad that you loved them and you cant live without them?
would they call you stupid
would they say "you dont know the meaning of love"
would they say go ahead
What if you tried explaining the meaning of love?
would they crack up laughing
would they say "nice try NO"
would they let you go


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