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kaylee_6's Journal

Well, To be honest, im really actually i dunno. i moved to canada 2 years ago, from england. im 14, blonde hair, blue eyes, really bloody tall. =[ i think i might be bisexual but i might be bi-curious. i have a boyfriend and he's the best thing thats happend to me this year. My dad left when i was only 3 months old. my mum got re-married to a guy named scott about 7 years ago. they had a boy named max and he's the best baby bro ever! but right now theres some tension in the family. my mum and step dad are breaking up.
'salems lot. (vampires), (basically everything), (vampires), akon, dracula, hon series, lost boys, metallica, muse, sean kingston, twilight, twilight series